Confidence is good, evidence of benefit is even better.

Kunden von Winpacta

Our customers are businesses and organisations of all sizes and cover all industries, who strive for sustainable success. They are managers and employees, who want to combine performance with meaningful engagement. They have a high awareness of the different aspects in working together. They recognize, that:

  • one-sided focus on the hard factors isn’t enough
  • one-sided focus on the soft factors isn’t enough
  • the combination of those two completely different thinking patterns is very demanding
  • every person has his or her own relative view
  • we all have blind spots and partial views
  • there will always be misunderstandings
  • optimal cooperation doesn’t happen automatically
  • dissonance and unresolved conflicts can quickly damage the business
  • one-sided solutions only last for a short time

Our customers want to use this potential.

The WINPACTA method gives you both: a big benefit for the quality of the collaboration, and a big quantitative benefit for the business.

Examples of benefits are cost savings, increases in quality, mobilisation of synergies, use of unused potential and the strengthening of motivation. The proof of it is all the feedback of our customers, regardless of the size or whether they are a company or a government office. We’d love to give you our references in your business area.

Kunden von Winpacta


«The analysis showed us, where we had losses because of frictions. The overall team performance was significantly increased.»

Dr. Urs Matter, CEO Nanosurf AG, Liestal

«Our management teams have a much better awareness of communication today, of what it can trigger and what it can effectuate.»

Adrian Forrer, CEO Creabeton Matériaux AG, Lyss

«Problems are solved faster now, there is much more clarity in our exchange of information and we master the challenges of our company in a much more focussed way.»

Adrian Forrer, CEO Creabeton Matériaux AG, Lyss