The WINPACTA Company is the first to include the relative views of people in a systematic manner. The impact this has on the success of a business is quite impressive. The systematic analysis and use of HUMAN RELATIVITY® enables a giant leap forward for both the business and the people in the business. 

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The problem

One often only sees interrelationships of seemingly unrelated factors when things go wrong. That is because we all have blind spots and individual perspectives. These relative views often lead to costly and annoying misunderstandings, additional cost and even failures, while valuable potential remains unused.

One of the big challenges lies in the understanding of the interdependency between business and people, the hard and the soft factors. This is WINPACTA’s area of expertise.


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Solution and benefit

What can we do, to discover these crucial correlations, make sustainable decisions and enable effective action? The solution lies in the WINPACTA method. It creates a WIN-WIN situation for the business and the people. Commercial success, interpersonal communication and workplace satisfaction are constantly improved. We suggest you to use it for the success of your business. > more


Quantum leap

In only 4 steps you could do a quantum leap — by adopting an optimal instead of a general solution and by systematically using the hard and soft factors as well as HUMAN RELATIVITY®. With this unique WINPACTA offering everybody profits — your company, the management and the employees. We would love to support you. > more


The WINPACTA method creates a WIN-WIN-situation for the business and the employees. Our customers are companies and organisations of all sizes, in all industries and all sectors, managers and employees, who want to combine achievement with meaningful engagement. Applying WINPACTAs tools to your needs saves costs, anger and frustration, strengthens your business effectivity, mobilizes unused potential and increases the motivation of everybody involved.

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Eva Bichsel
Mathematician ETHZ: Federal Institute of Technology Zürich
Business development
Organisational development
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