Leadership with impact.

Winpacta. Leadership with impact.

The WINPACTA company is the first Company to increase business success effectively through the systematic inclusion of the relative views of the involved persons. Based on scientific findings and measurements of more than 1’000 teams with more than 10’000 individuals we have developed the WINPACTA method, that incorporates HUMAN RELATIVITY®. This method enables quantum leaps for businesses and the people — as it can for you.

You can use our tools, our analysis, our customized workshops, our implementation support and our coaching to strengthen your leadership, communication, culture, organisation and teams.

The WINPACTA company was founded out of the fascination that sustainable success evolves when businesses and people are successful. Here lies a lot of very valuable underused potential.

Eva Bichsel

Founder of WINPACTA, Innovator and CEO

Eva Bichsel worked at IBM Australia and IBM Switzerland for 18 years as a mathematician and as an organisational developer. She led and supported teams in various industries and on different levels of the organisation, she resolved conflicts and optimized the collaboration within and among teams. She could show in various studies that, in more than 50% of the cases, major problems had to do with human factors such as differing views of people etc. Based on those findings, she developed a measuring system, that showed those success factors, that differentiate successful teams from non-successful teams and used this method very successfully in IBM. In the year 2000 she founded TriPol GmbH, differentiated the measurements further and developed many very useful implementation tools based on the findings.

In 2015 she founded the WINPACTA AG to include HUMAN RELATIVITY® in new products and services. This enables a quantum leap for businesses and people.

Eva Bichsel