Our solution with the inno­vation of WINPACTA

What can we do, to recognize these crucial correlations, make sustainable decisions and enable effective action? WINPACTA has developed a very innovative and very successful method. It uses both: the relative views and  the hard (business) and soft (human) factors including the correlation between then — in a systematic way.

Based on new scientific findings and the measurement of the hard and soft factors in more than 1’000 teams with more than 10’000 managers and employees we have gained a deep insight into what is important to the people and what makes teams really successful.

  • We have findings, results and statistics on the key factors that have a major impact on success
  • We have also measured the development of teams, and can show how the strengthening of the collaboration leads to better business results.
  • We have accompanied teams for months and have seen what really motivates and moves people. We also found out what the impact factors for the transition into daily work-life are.

Based on our insight we have developed innovative methods, tools and procedures. They are based on the needs of the companies and the people. With this combination of performance and meaningful engagement, the parties involved resume more responsibility, which leads to very positive developments and cost savings.

Der Nutzen

Der Nutzen

We see where to act
Based on the key factors for success each team can recognize the major points for their development. This enables a quantum leap in awareness and insight.

We know how to act
We offer a broad palette of very effective unique tools and procedures for your implementation. This enables a quantum leap in in development and implementation for the company and the people.

Your benefit

The WINPACTA method creates a WIN-WIN situation für your company and the employees.

It consequently combines performance and meaningful engagement, increases the effectiveness and links holistic thinking with impact oriented implementation. This leads to

  • less problems
  • less costs
  • less risks
  • less frustration

and at the same time to

  • more joy
  • more motivation
  • more potential used
  • more effectivity.

The WINPACTA method creates a WIN-WIN situation für your company and the employees.