Success for business and people: is HUMAN RELATIVITY® a cost or a success factor in your business?

Key question

Do you consider HUMAN RELATIVITY® as a source of cost and anger or as a success factor?

The hard factors (quarterly returns, etc.) are dominant in most companies. They can be measured. But, success or failure often is determined by the soft factors. And they are relative, perceived differently by different people.

  • Why is the “human success factor” used only rarely?
  • Why do so many projects fail?
  • Why are so many risks overlooked?

Because people see everything in a relative way! They understand everything in a relative way! And they implement everything with relative priority! Here lies the core. This is where a quantum leap is possible – if you want one!

We have new, scientific based and proven procedures that use the interrelationships of the hard and soft factors in an innovative way, including the relative views. They are very successful and motivating for companies and people.

Relative Views

Die Herausforderung

The challenge

Do you consider HUMAN RELATIVITY® as a source of cost and anger or as a chance for development?

How do you use the challenging interrelationship between business and people, between hard and soft factors?

Misunderstandings and different priorities lead to unnecessary costs and harm the enterprise. What a waste. Here lie more than 50% of the problems and failures.

In the understanding and proactive use of the interrelationship between the business and the people side lies the biggest challenge.

  • If the only thing that counts is the performance, people and their engagement fall behind and aren’t valued.
  • If the focus is mainly on the people, the performance remains behind expectations.

WINPACTA has the tools to change this.

The problem

One often sees interrelationships between seemingly unrelated factors only when things go wrong. That is because we all have blind spots and individual perspectives. These differing, relative views often lead to costly and annoying misunderstandings, additional cost and even failures and blockages. The company loses customers, projects fail and additional costs arise. At the same time, valuable potential is not used.

Das Problem