Quantum Leap Com­munication Com­petencies

There is no such thing as «the» sender

There is no such thing as «the» receiver

There is no such thing as «the» situation

That’s why communication is so complex.

But there are ways for your optimal communication with the integration the relative views. To the benefit of the company and the employees.  

The problem: Communication is one of the most important key competencies of management and collaboration. Even though managers and many employees have taken numerous courses in communication there are still far too many problems and unnecessary costs caused by bad communication. Why? The application in daily business life is complex. It is a most challenging task to bring together all the specific situations and all the relative views of different personalities with their own goals. How sure are you, that you and your team communicate in an optimal way? What do you focus on specifically?

It is the aim of this offer that every person analyses and positions him or herself especially regarding all the relative views and the interrelationship of hard and soft factors. This is important, because without the systematic inclusion of these views the communication often is insufficient or dysfunctional instead of being a source of development. The wide variety of our unique, special tools and procedures can have a most valuable impact on the development of your business: using the impact principle of WINPACTA.

Entwicklungssprung Kommunikationskompetenz